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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why the Anunnaki came to Earth

The Annunaki came to Earth in need of gold. The atmosphere of their native planet was diminishing.

It may seem like a weird concept to have a need for gold to restore damage to a planet.
With the current situation on global warming, the US is having scientists look into hi tech solutions including "space mirrors". One way to reflect light into space would be to introduce a reflective substance into the upper atmosphere.

Planet Nibiru is said to revolve around the sun in an oval pattern, unlike other planets that follow a circular course. Much like the course of Halley's Comet. There are many comets with long orbital periods. Halley is the most famous of the periodic coments and is currently expected to pass Earth every 75 years.

Planet Nibiru has a much longer course. There is no proven time line given that Nibiru's is expected to pass the inner solar system. Some have guessed it to be around 3,600 years.

It is believed that their planet is very cold. This could mean the the gold was not used to keep warmth in but rather to keep light out.

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